No toilets or soup involved

We know … to some, the word “volunteering” brings up visions of scrubbing toilets or serving soup. At ACI, the work is all creative and all about the arts making the world a better place. Of course, we’re not saying that scrubbing toilets and serving soup don’t make the world a better place, too. We just think that (just maybe) artists might get excited about serving your community in a creative, artistic way.

We also know that artists have huge hearts, (usually) small pocketbooks, typically not-enough-time, and a healthy dose of not-wanting-to-over-commit. So, how can we help you serve your community, without spending much money, within the time you have available, all without over-committing?

Well, by doing the heavy lifting for you, for starters. We’ve figured out some creative, arts-centered ways for you to make a difference in your community without breaking the bank and without sucking up all your time. After all, you need to keep making your art too!

Way #1

Become an Artists CAN member by donating to our Startup Fund today. Artists CAN what???

Way #2

Click on the button below to jump over to our Interest Form. On this form you can tell us all the things … about you, your interests, your skills, your fears, your favorite dessert, whatever!