Our First Collaboration!

We have teamed up with Village Arts of Colorado Springs to create our first ever “Community Engagement Campaign” that is not connected to one of our own shows! This is a huge step forward for Awaken Creative, as it brings us closer to our ultimate goal of sharing our tools with a wider community of arts leaders.

There’s more to Cinderella than just an unrealistic fairy tale! Alongside Village Arts, we have developed an original campaign that explores the universal themes of the hopes, dreams, and fears that are often found within fairy tales and how they point to important questions such as:

“What could happen if we didn’t believe we are as limited as the voice in our head says we are?”

“Is courage enough to make dreams come true?”

“Were we ever meant to do the impossible alone?”

The materials we’re providing Village Arts include:

  • Cast Conversations
  • Marketing copy surrounding the theme
  • Custom pre-show promo video (coming soon!)
  • Showtime audience engagement activities
  • Post-Show followup guide

In the Colorado Springs area? Come see the show at the ENT Center, July 27-30, 2023. Get tickets here.