For Teams


Pull your team together in a fresh, fun, and meaningful way

As much as we’d like them to, great teams don’t happen by accident. They are born out of intentionality, diligence, and good old-fashioned time spent together.

Fusion Workshops are shared group experiences where Awaken Creative’s founder Lesa Brown uses creative engagement tools to help you strengthen your team in a unique, powerful, and fun time together, all in a safe and relaxed environment.

Here’s what some past participants had to say…

“… was very helpful, personally, because now I feel like I can predict the types of conflicts of that will arise and maybe prepare myself on how to deal with them in a loving proactive manner instead of reacting to situations as they come.”

“… helped engrain in my mind physical expressions of the topics that we have been discussing. I felt that it helped bring the more logical group discussions to a deeper, emotional level and allowed us to use our imaginations and creative energies to accomplish this.”

“… helped me develop strategies for building trust, being more empathic, and practicing affirmation before criticism.”

“… was powerful to look through other’s eyes and hear their perspectives. It was a tremendous blessing to gain from Lesa’s experience and the hours of consideration that she has put into this.”

“… a good way to get to know other people quickly, while also being able to address more difficult issues in an approachable way.”

“It’s fun! It’s new! It’s filled with great ideas and great people, and it’s worth getting outside if your comfort zone for.”

“I enjoyed talking to people outside of my direct friendship group who I may not have spoken to otherwise.”

“… an unthreatening way to address things we can improve in our team!”

“… energizing, fun, and productive.”

“… helped me to approach normal work issues in an out-of-the-box way that enabled us all to look at the problems together.”

Fusion Workshops are perfect for a variety of teams:

  • employees (non-profit and for-profit), school faculties, arts groups, sports teams, board of directors, start-ups, executive teams, youth groups, and more!
  • teams who have been apart because of the pandemic or who work remotely
  • teams who are experiencing recent division and disunity
  • new teams or teams who have added new members
  • teams just needing a teamwork refresher

Fusion Workshops will help your team:

  • Sharpen creative problem-solving skills
  • Practice collaboration
  • Build empathy, respect, and trust
  • Strengthen cohesion
  • Explore and address growth areas
  • Grow interpersonal communication
  • Deepen relationships



Team-Building Workshop: 2 hour workshop centered on themes of building empathy, respect, and trust.

Custom: 2 hour workshop centered on custom themes. Requires consultation/development with the facilitator at least 3 weeks prior to the event.

Multiple Workshops: Bring Fusion Workshops to your all-day or overnight team retreat. This format includes multiple workshops over 1–3 days. These can be based on a Custom theme or on our Team-Building theme (centering on empathy, respect, and trust).

Location: All spaces must be approved by the facilitator prior to final booking. If you would like ACI to provide the location for the workshop, this will be an additional expense. For any locations outside of the Colorado Springs area, you must cover the travel expenses for the facilitator.

Themes: Customized themes can be discussed with the facilitator and may include specific issues your team is experiencing. If your organization is a Christian organization, our facilitator is equipped and happy to lead your workshop with an emphasis on a biblical worldview.

Questions? If you have any questions about any of our packages and options, please contact Lesa Brown.