Does this describe you?

Theatre is a huge part of your life. It’s magic. It’s home.

You are concerned about our world today. You want our world to find healing. You want people to learn how to listen again.

You get frustrated sometimes because you’re not sure how to use your art to help the situation. And, you’re tired of being disillusioned with the other systems in our world today that fall short of bringing people together in a meaningful and sustainable way.

You’re ready to try something different; you’re ready to take a risk.

You want to see real results, and you believe art can deliver.


What is GhostLight Ensemble?

GhostLight Ensemble is a collaboration, a collective of concerned creatives, (and yes, we love alliteration). The original GhostLight started in 2017 as a temporary project, tackling the issue of the high suicide rate in Colorado Springs using original, interactive drama. We started again in 2021 with a new cast and a new home at Awaken Creative Institute. GhostLight Ensemble has a chance, through ACI, to take action, deliver results, heal divides, and fuel transformation in Colorado Springs.

Our 2021 cast forged the way with a focus on community engagement using forms of theatre such as Devised Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed, and Documentary Theatre (to name a few). The ensemble is trained in all of these forms, but are expected to already have acting training and experience. Ensemble members have a variety of unique personalities and styles, with the ability to play a wide range of characters.

GhostLight Ensemble tackles community issues through the lens of common human experiences. The audience is schools and groups in the Colorado Springs community. The style ranges widely — comedy, drama, improv, and everything in between.

All GhostLight performances serve the mission and purpose of developing Awaken Creative Institute’s outreach programs that will be made available to arts groups around the world.

2022 GhostLight Ensemble

The 2022 cast has wrapped up its tour of the original play One Last Final Thing to Say, which uses story-telling and documentary-style theatre to ask the question “what would you want your last words to be?”

Interested in auditioning for GhostLight in the future? Please watch this page on our website Fall 2023.

A “Ghost Light” is a single light on a stand. It is placed on the stage of a theatre when the theatre is empty. This is so that when the crew returns to the stage in the dark, they don’t fall off the stage or into the orchestra pit. GhostLight Ensemble seeks to bring light into dark places and fuel positive community change.

Internship Opportunity

Interns assist with GhostLight and Awaken Creative’s administrative and creative tasks. All interested in this opportunity please contact us.



Awaken Creative Institute is committed to an equitable, just environment where all voices are valued and respected. GhostLight Ensemble will be intentionally comprised of actors of various ethnicities and backgrounds, with the goal of inclusion and equity for all and the priority of nurturing and including diverse lenses and voices in our original work and performances, that all narratives and perspectives can be heard, valued, and incorporated.

We are committed to assembling a diverse community, who will look different from one another, won’t agree on every point of politics and religion, and will come from different economic backgrounds (see ACI’s Core Values for more info). Let us be clear: we will celebrate differences and not pretend they aren’t there. We openly admit that we won’t get it right 100% of the time, and therefore will exercise grace, openness, and honesty about how to best give one another dignity and restore brokenness. If necessary, we will keep the group small while we wait for diverse actors to audition.