Developing arts-based audience engagement programs and tools…


We ask questions: What is being done around the world? How can that inform our work? Who can we learn from? How do we make our work measurable?


We love to see others around the world doing art for community action, and we want to celebrate it!


We are actively seeking collaboration opportunities with arts leaders to create new tools together in their own contexts to create a bridge between their art and the change they hope to see in their communities. Interesting in partnering with us? Reach out here.

Cultivate and Share

As new ideas and programs are born, they will be developed to be measurable, reproducible, and customizable. They will then be made available to arts leaders around the world to use in their own contexts. We anticipate rolling out our first programs for others to use in 2025. Would you like to pilot one of these in your own community? Reach out here.