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Certificate in Arts for Community Action

Coming in 2022! 

Empowering you as an artist to affect change in your own community is at the heart of what ACI is all about. All of our Arts in Community Action Tools are developed to be reproducible and customizable, and our training centers on how to discover the felt needs in your community, use your creativity to customize our tools to meet those needs and fit your cultural context, and then lead fellow local artists to unleash the tools for positive community change.

Earn your Arts for Community Action Certificate by earning 12 credits (each online course is worth one credit; each in-person intensive is worth two or three credits). Online webinars will be approximately 2 hours, with an assessment at the end. In-person intensives will vary in length, depending on the topic, but will generally be on the weekends in Colorado Springs (Friday through Saturday).

Most webinars will be live (ideal option), and then the recordings will be made available. Webinars and in-person intensives will be “pay-what-you-can.”

Our first course, The Magic of Netflix and Monet: The Arts & Their Impact on Your Everyday Life is free to all Artists CAN members and is the first “101” level course you must complete before moving on to any other courses.

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Arts Foundations:

  • The Magic of Netflix and Monet: The Arts & Their Impact on Your Everyday Life (launches 2021—sign up for our mailing list to be notified). Part 1 of the foundational portion for our certificate program, exploring the many ways the arts benefit us. Through video and interactive elements, participants find increased meaning in both the art they create and the art they encounter, as well as the ability to articulate art’s many purposes both to themselves and to others.
  • Crazy, Cursed, or Chosen? What it Really Means to Be an Artist 9 (date TBA) Part 2 of the Arts Foundation portion of our certificate program.

Foundations in Community Work:

  • Out of the Studio and Into the Streets: The Artist in the Community (date TBA)
  • We’ve All Been There: Discovering the Issues that Keep the Members of your Community Up at Night (date TBA)

Leading Community Arts Events

  • So Many Possibilities: An Overview of Arts-Centered Community Engagement Practices (date TBA)
  • We’re All in this Together: Collaboration that You Might Actually Enjoy (date TBA)
  • Leading Fusion & Forum Workshops (date TBA)


  • Devising Theatre (in-person intensive only). (Date TBA)
  • As further tools are developed, we will make online courses and intensives available.