Coffee Shop Pop-Ups

Coffee Shop Pop-Ups are designed to bring the community together for fun & meaningful shared experiences.

Presented by our very own GhostLight Ensemble, a group of highly creative young adults who are passionate and concerned about our world today:

2021 Cast: Kellyn Waters, Sabastian Reef, Levi Roberts, Valery Quinonez, & Molly Faber.

4 episodes from July —> November at Third Space Coffee in Colorado Springs. Each one has all new, original material, filled with comedy, stories, friendly competition, poetry, and more.

Each episode includes:

  • The Last ShowStopper, a live sitcom that takes place in a nostalgic video rental store
  • Micro—>Macro, our original live game show, with prizes!
  • Plus more stories and creative explorations of our theme.

Theme: Barriers and gateways to unity and reconciliation. Our goal is to ease our community towards a commitment to making change.

Episode 3 & 4

Nov 16th, 7-9pm
Third Space Coffee, Colorado Springs

6:30pm PRE-SHOW Music provided by Colorado Sunshine

See more details below:

Episodes 3 & 4
“The Last ShowStopper” (sitcom) Synopsis

“2-Ply or Bust” and Season Finale”

Chad thinks he is friends with Tobey Maguire on Insta, Britnee tries to get Vanessa to switch to 2-Ply toilet paper, Vanessa is stressed about finances, and when Laurel becomes friends with “the resort kids,” the truth comes out about Danny Cruz and his involvement in a plot to steal the store! Chad and Britnee hatch a plan to save the ShowStopper, but will any of that matter when tragedy strikes at the last minute?

With Special Guest Stars: Aidan Zieres and Rinnah Perez

Past episodes …

Episode 1 “The Last ShowStopper” Synopsis

“To Open or to Close”

Stacy is freaked out that Joe’s granddaughter Vanessa is coming today (Joe is the former owner of the store who passed away, and he passed the store down to Vanessa); Chad and Britnee can’t agree about Titanic; Vanessa shows up to find Deep Water Springs very different than before; Danny Cruz comes to town and has Laurel, Britnee, and Chad in awe of his coolness; and Stacy wins the lottery and quits.

Special Guest Star: Betsy Hailes

Episode 2 “The Last ShowStopper” Synopsis

“The One Where Chad Spills the Booch”

Chad and Laurel are getting ready for Star Wars Episode VIII to come out, Britnee wants to save the rocks, Chad just wants Britnee to respect him, Laurel is thinking about trying standup comedy, Danny gives great advice as always, Vanessa tries to decide if she should sell the ShowStopper, and of course, Chad spills the booch.

Special Guest Star: Aidan Zieres

September 18th, 2021

Fusion Workshops are where community members join together for interactive, fun, meaningful, arts-centered experiences. In this 2-hour workshop, explore issues together in a safe and neutral space in order to rehumanize the “other,” build empathy, and combat division — one relationship at a time. Come with friends… sign up in groups of 1, 2, or more!

*Fusion Workshops can also be booked privately for employee/ group team building. Contact us here.